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Saving for your Next Trip just got Easier

Want to travel the world but can’t afford it?  Then  saving for your trip just got easier with 365Travelplan, a travel savings solution that helps you make savings for your trips with ease and convenience. 
With 365travelplan you can setup travel plans or schedules and automate your savings so it gets deducted at intervals set by you. Once you have reached your saving target, your saved funds will then be used to purchase any of Wontra’s travel services which can be found on this website. You can also use your saved funds for a third party.


Multiple Savings
Setup multiple schedules / plans & save towards multiple trips or setup saving schedules for your friends & family
Card Payments
Make savings with ease using your credit/debit cards or via direct bank transfers without fear of losing your card details
Recurring Savings
Setup your account once, fill in your card details and automatically save weekly or monthly. You can make also “one-time savings". This way you never get to miss payments on our secure platform.
Special Offers
Get time sensitive deals and discounts accessed with your saved funds







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