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Welcome to France


Continent: Europe
Capital: Paris
Population: 66,689,000 
Dialing Code: +33
Currency: CFP Franc, Euro
Time zone: CET ( UTC +1)
Official language:  French



France, officially known as the French republic, is located in Western Europe. Its famous capital, Paris is known all over the world for its fashion houses, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel tower. The country is also renowned for its sophisticated cuisine and its wines.
It is bordered by the North Sea in the north, the English Channel in the north-west, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south-east. It borders Belgium and Luxembourg in the north east. It also borders Germany and Switzerland in the east, Italy and Monaco in the south-east, Spain and Andorra in the south west. France also has overseas territories all over the world. Some of such of these locations include: the French Guiana, French Polynesia Reunion Islands and more.
France is visited by more than 84.7million foreign tourists every year and holds the title for being the most visited country in the world. It is home to 37 UNESCO heritage Sites and tourism accounts for a sizeable portion of the country’s GDP.

Information & Facts

Attraction Overview

Paris, the capital city, is the third most visited city in the world.Paris has some of the world's largest and renowned museums, including the Louvre, which is the most visited art museum in the world, but also the Musée d'Orsay, mostly devoted to impressionism, and Beaubourg, dedicated to Contemporary art. Paris also hosts some of the world's most recognizable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, which is the most-visited paid monument in the world, the Arc de Triomphe, the cathedral of Notre-Dame or the Sacré-Cœur. The Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie is the biggest science museum in Europe. Near Paris is the Palace of Versailles, the former palace of the kings of France, now a museum.
A visit to the French Riviera is also a must and lots of international competitions have been held in the country. Most recently the european championships is being hosted by the country. There is also the annual Tour de france event for cyclists and it enthusiasts.
France also attracts many religious pilgrims who make their way to St. James or to the Lourdes.There are also theme parks for the young and young at heart. Disneyland Paris is Europe’s most popular theme park. Other popular theme parks include: Puy du Fou, Futuroscope of Piitiers and the Parc Asterix.


France is the world’s ninth largest economy and the EU’s second largest economy by Purchasing power parity (PPP). It has a mixed economy that combines private enterprise with government owned establishments.  The government maintains control over key segments of the country such as infrastructure, electricity, railway, nuclear power and telecommunications. The country is also home to the Airbus and has its own spaceport.

Its other exports include agriculture (wines, wheat poultry, dairy, beef and pork), tourism, energy , transport and sciences.


France’s climate is mostle oceanic and susceptible to floods especially in the coastal areas.
As with many places, Spring occurs from April to early june and autumn from September to mid-november  are the best times to visit
There are no hard and fast rules about summer and winter, each can be mild or extreme, depending on the year and your luck.In winter you may find the constant lack of sunshine and the occasional bitter-cold wind more disappointing than the periodic precipitation. The sun comes up late and low, and goes down early. Skies are usually grey.


The dialing code for Paris is +33. Frances telecommunications is highly developed, with many of its clients serviced by fiber optic cables. Major network providers include France telecom and mobile network providers include, Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free
Hotels and some Cafes, public parks and Cars in France will offer Wi-Fi internet connections but beware you can be hacked and you should consider using a virtual private network.


France has been a center of western culture developments for centuries. Its tourism is highly integrated into the culture of its people.
Music, art, architecture, literature and philosophy are some of the country’s culture building blocks. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world with luxury goods and fashion shows being a very important part of the economy.
French cuisine is renowned for being one of the finest in the world. A meal often consist of three courses hors d'œuvre or entrée (introductory course, sometimes soup), plat principal (main course), fromage (cheese course) and/or dessert, sometimes with a salad offered before the cheese or dessert.
Popular sports played in france include football, judo, tennis and rugby. France also hosts the annual road bicyle Tour de France race and its 24 hours of Le Mans sports car endurance race.

France is a secular country, and freedom of religion is a constitutional right. French religious policy is based on the concept of laïcité, a strict separation of church and state under which public life is kept completely secular.

Duty Free

France is within the European Union. If you are travelling from the UK, you are entitled to buy fragance, skincare, cosmetics, Champagne, wine, selected spirits, fashion accessories, gifts and souvenirs - all at tax-free equivalent prices.
If you are travelling from within the EU, there is no limit on the amount or value of goods you may import, providing your goods are for personal consumption. Goods imported for commercial purposes are subject to duty and the following guideline amounts are in place to determine whether this is the case:


  • 800 cigarettes or 400 cigarillos or 200 cigars or 1kg of tobacco.
  • 10L of spirits over 22%, 20L of alcoholic beverages less than 22%, 90L of wine (no more than 60L of sparkling wine) and 110L of beer.

If you are arriving from a non-EU country, the following goods may be imported into France by persons over 17 years of age without incurring customs duty:


  • 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco.
  • 4L of wine and 16L of beer and 1L of spirits over 22% or 2L of alcoholic beverages less than 22%.
  • Other goods up to the value of €430 for air and sea travellers and €300 for other travellers (reduced to €150 for children under 15).

Banned imports:
Items which are either prohibited or require a licence include weapons and ammunition, drugs (other than those prescribed for personal use), live animals, plant products, cultural artefacts and endangered species.


In most of the world, electrical plugs and sockets (outlets, points) are termed male and female: the male is the one with the prongs, the female with the receptacles for the prongs. In France, plugs and outlets are hermaphroditic ("both sexes in one"), meaning that both plugs and sockets have prongs and receptacles (like snails). Hence you might need to travel with a plug adapter in order to plug in.

Electrical sockets (outlets) in France are one of the two European standard electrical socket types: The "Type C" Europlug and the "Type E" and "Type F" Schuko. Electrical sockets (outlets) in France usually supply electricity at between 220 and 240 volts AC.

Getting Around

Transport from the airport and around the city can be done by private transfer, train, bus and taxi.
City, local and regional bus systems provide useful transport within cities and basic transport to smaller towns and some villages in France. Frequent English Channel ferries connect ports in southern England and Ireland with French ports in Normandy and Brittany. Major French cities are also connected by various airlines, of which Air France is the most prominent, but certainly not the only one. Air Inter and other national and regional airlines provide air transport as well
France's SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français, French National Railways Company) operates a superb route system of Paris-region trains, TER regional trains, Intercités cross-country trains, and TGV national high-speed trains.


The French health care system is one of universal health care largely financed by government national health insurance.  Visitors will receive the best healthcare in the world as ranked by the World Health Organization. Care is given free for people with chronic diseases.

If you take regular medication, bring it with you in its original container, ideally clearly labelled. If you have a serious medical condition, meanwhile, it’s worth also bringing a signed and dated letter from your GP, detailing your condition and medication – generic names would be best, as French medicines often use different names.
Visitors to forested areas should consider vaccination for tick-borne encephalitis.
This being France, the only real problems posed by the local food and drink are mild stomach complaints resulting from overindulgence. Tap water is safe to drink (although you’ll find a huge amount of bottled water for sale too) and cooked food, assuming it’s come from a hygienic kitchen, is certainly no more risky to consume than that of any developed country


The official language in France is French. The French government does not regulate the choice of language in publications by individuals but the use of French is required by law in commercial and workplace communications The unit of currency in France is the euro, as in most other countries of the European Union. You can exchange your home currency cash (dollars, pounds, yen, yuan, rubles, etc.) for euros at a bureau de change (currency exchange office) in France. Banks do not exchange foreign cash. In fact, many banks handle no cash at all except through ATMs.



The unit of currency in France is the euro, as in most other countries of the European Union. You can exchange your home currency cash (dollars, pounds, yen, yuan, rubles, etc.) for euros at a bureau de change (currency exchange office) in France. Banks do not exchange foreign cash. In fact, many banks handle no cash at all except through ATMs.


Passport Visa

A passport valid for three months beyond the length of stay and issued within the past 10 years is required by all nationals listed in the chart above except (1) EU nationals holding a passport or national ID card which is valid for the duration of stay. If travelling from one border-free Schengen country to another however, EU nationals are not required to show a passport or national ID card. It is still recommended that you travel with your passport or ID card to prove your identity if necessary though. Note that Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK are not part of the Schengen area, so a passport or ID card is required if travelling to/from these countries. Transit or short stay visas can be issued for a 90 day period within a six month period. It can also be issued for entry or multiple entries into the schenghen area



​1. Introduction letter from the company (stating the purpose of visit, arrival & departure dates.

2. Self introduction letter (stating the purpose of the visit, arrival & departure dates, your home address and brief description of what you do for a living).

3. Reference letter from the bank

4. Official I’d card

7. 6 months Bank statement

8. International passport (valid for at least 9 months)

9. Marriage certificate

10.2 passport photographs (colored with white background)

11. Must have Valid UK, US, OR CANADA VISA.

12. Consent letter from wife/ Husband

13. Landed property if available..

14. Certificate of incorporation, C02, C07 (If you owns the company)

15. 6 months pay slips

16, Yellow card

17. Travel Health Insurance 

18. For Minor, birth certificate, letter from School and consent letter from either father/mother.


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*Travel health insurance (Price will be quoted base on your age, we advise you scan your data page to enable us quote price accurately)

Also, all documents must be original and be completed before submission.

Please note that the cost of the insurance is not inclusive in the amount stated below. Price will be quoted based on the age and duration of stay.

Processing takes 10- 15 working days.

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Non VIP service, client will go in by him or herself without our protocol officer assistances.


After the terror attacks of 2015 and in spite of the alarmist warnings about Paris, its till safe to visit France but it has its share of crooks, pickpockets, thieves and even mere opportunists, who can turn a traveller's dream into a nightmare. Judging by the tales of woe and distress scattered across travel forums on the Internet, there can be little worse than coming on holiday to France - or to any other country for that matter - and losing your luggage, having your passport stolen, getting mugged, or any other serious mishap.

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